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Clamp Testimonials

/Clamp Testimonials
Secure Cover Reviews

“Secure Covers are easy to work with, they save time when sheeting the clamp and reduce waste."

Willie Fleming

Hillhead, Kirkpatrick Fleming, Dumfries

Secure Cover Reviews

“Quicker and easier than tyres when it comes to covering the clamp and eliminates damage from birds.”    

Robert Vickery

Holehouse Farm, Billington, Clitheroe

Secure Cover Reviews

" Secure Covers avoid risk of damage to our silage sheet. Covering the clamp is cleaner and easier, saving cost in terms of labour and waste."

Gareth Owen

Potstown, Middlebie, Ecclefechan

Secure Cover Reviews

Nottinghamshire has tried different silage covers over the years. ‘I’ve compared Secure Covers side by side with cheaper woven silage covers. The cheaper covers just lift off in the wind whilst Secure Covers don’t move. I’ve

Adrian Scholl

Le Marchant Farms, Colston Bassett

Secure Cover Reviews

“Secure Covers are the most cost-effective covers. I have used other covers but vermin peck holes in them, but not Secure Covers. We need quality silage therefore we need quality covers.”  

Michael Howie

Morpeth, Northumberland